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Partial Solar Eclipse of 2001 December 14

What Will The Eclipse Look Like

From Canada and Mexico?

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Solar Eclipse from Toronto, Ontario

The diagram above shows what the 2001 December 14 solar eclipse will look like from Toronto, Ontario.
The times of the start, maximum and end of the eclipse are given for Local Standard Time.
In this case, maximum eclipse occurs at sunset.
Eclipse times and diagrams for many other cities are found in the links below.

Partial phases of the solar eclipse of 2001 December 14 will be visible southern Canada and all of Mexico (See: Global Map in Low, Medium and High resolution).

The following table lists times (Local Standard Time) and local circumstances at maximum eclipse for a number of cities. Please note that times are given using the 24 hour 'military style' time. To convert times later than 12:59 to 'pm', just subtract 12 hours from the time. The predictions include the times of beginning, maximum and end of the eclipse, the magnitude (expressed as a decimal fraction), the altitude of the Sun during the eclipse and the duration of the eclipse from start to finish.

Cities are listed alphabetically by country and city. Click on a city of your choice and get a preview of how maximum eclipse will appear. Each eclipse GIF is only 31 kBytes in size, so access time should be fast.

Extreme care must be taken when looking at the Sun. There are a number of ways to Safely View the Eclipse which you should consider. Never look directly at the Sun with the naked eye or through any optical device (e.g. - camera, binoculars or telescope). There are a several types of Solar Filters designed specifically for eclipse viewing which are available from a number of filter manufacturers and distributors. You can also use the pinhole projection method to safely watch the eclipse.

If you find problems with any of the links on this page, kindly bring them to the attention of Fred Espenak (

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Definitions for columns in the table below are as follows:

Eclipse Begins - Local Time of the beginning of the eclipse.

Maximum Eclipse - Local Time of the maximum phase of the eclipse.

Eclipse Ends - Local Time of the end of the eclipse.

If the time is followed by the letter 'r', the event occurs at sunrise.
If the time is followed by the letter 's', the event occurs at sunset.

Mag. - Eclipse Magnitude is the fraction of Sun's diameter eclipsed by the Moon at maximum eclipse.

Sun Alt. - Altitude of Sun above horizon at maximum eclipse (in degrees).

Duration Partial Eclipse - Complete length of the eclipse from start to finish (in hours and minutes).

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(All Times are Local Standard Time)
Duration Eclipse Maximum Eclipse Sun Partial City Name Begins Eclipse Ends Mag. Alt. Eclipse
Hamilton, ON 16:11 16:41s - 0.210 0° 00h30m
North York, ON 16:11 16:37s - 0.189 0° 00h26m
Ottawa, ON 16:12 16:16s - 0.041 0° 00h05m
Toronto, ON 16:11 16:38s - 0.191 0° 00h26m
Regina, SK 15:03 15:22 15:41 0.023 9° 00h38m
British Columbia
Vancouver, BC 12:24 12:45 13:06 0.024 17° 00h42m
Victoria, BC 15:21 15:45 16:09 0.032 18° 00h48m
Winnipeg, MB 15:06 15:35 16:02 0.058 6° 00h56m

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(All Times are Local Standard Time)
Duration Eclipse Maximum Eclipse Sun Partial City Name Begins Eclipse Ends Mag. Alt. Eclipse
Ciudad de Mexico 14:45 16:13 17:26 0.592 21° 02h42m
Ecatepec de Morelos 14:45 16:13 17:26 0.589 21° 02h41m
Guadalajara 14:35 16:05 17:20 0.525 25° 02h45m
Monterrey 14:45 16:05 17:14 0.438 20° 02h28m
Nezahualcoyoytl 14:45 16:13 17:26 0.592 21° 02h41m
Puebla 14:47 16:15 17:28 0.610 20° 02h41m

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All eclipse calculations are by Fred Espenak, and he assumes full responsibility for their accuracy. Some of the information presented in this catalog is based on data originally published in Fifty Year Canon of Solar Eclipses: 1986 - 2035.

Permission is freely granted to reproduce this data when accompanied by the following acknowledgment:

"Eclipse Predictions by Fred Espenak, NASA/GSFC"

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