Most of the predictions presented in this publication were generated on a Macintosh IIfx. Additional computations, particularly those dealing with Watts' datum and the lunar limb profile were performed on a DEC VAX 11/785 computer. Word processing and page layout for the publication were done on a Macintosh using Microsoft Word v5.1. Figure annotation was done with Claris MacDraw Pro.

Translation into html was accomplished with the freeware rtftohtml 2.5 for the Macintosh by Chris Hector on a PowerBook 180c.

We thank Francis Reddy who helped develop the data base of geographic coordinates for major cities used in the local circumstances predictions. Dr. Wayne Warren graciously provided a draft copy of the IOTA Observer's Manual for use in describing contact timings near the path limits. We also want to thank Dr. John Bangert for several valuable discussions and for sharing the USNO mailing list for the eclipse Circulars. The format and content or this work has drawn heavily upon over 40 years of eclipse Circulars published by the U. S. Naval Observatory. We owe a debt of gratitude to past and present staff of that institution who have performed this service for so many years. In particular, we would like to recognize the work of Julena S. Duncombe, Alan D. Fiala, Marie R. Lukac, John A. Bangert and William T. Harris. The support of Environment Canada is acknowledged in the acquisition and arrangement of the weather data. Finally, the authors thank Goddard's Laboratory for Extraterrestrial Physics for several minutes of CPU time on the LEPVX2 computer.

The names and spellings of countries, cities and other geopolitical regions are not authoritative, nor do they imply any official recognition in status. Corrections to names, geographic coordinates and elevations are actively solicited in order to update the data base for future eclipses. All calculations, diagrams and opinions presented in this publication are those of the authors and they assume full responsibility for their accuracy.

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