Eclipse Bulletins on Internet

Response to the first two NASA solar eclipse bulletins RP1301 (Annular Solar Eclipse of 1994 May 10) and RP1318 (Total Solar Eclipse of 1994 November 3) was overwhelming. Unfortunately, the demand quickly exceeded the limited number of bulletins printed with current levels of funding. To address this problem as well as allowing greater access to them, the eclipse bulletins were first made available via the Internet in April 1994. This was due entirely through the kind efforts and expertise of Dr. Joe Gurman (GSFC/Solar Physics Branch). All future eclipse bulletins will be available via Internet.

The NASA eclipse bulletins can be read or downloaded via the World-Wide Web server with a Mosaic or Netscape client from the NASA Eclipse Web Site.

The top-level URL for the eclipse bulletins themselves are:

Current plans call for making all future NASA eclipse bulletins available over the Internet, at or before publication of each. The primary goal is to make the bulletins available to as large an audience as possible. Thus, some figures or maps may not be at their optimum resolution or format. Comments and suggestions are actively solicited to fix problems and improve on compatibility and formats.

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