Periodicity of Lunar Eclipses

Summary of Lunar Eclipses in Saros Series -20 to 183

A concise summary of the 204 lunar eclipse Saros series (-20 to 183) in progress during the 5000-year period from -1999 to +3000 (2000 BCE to 3000 CE) is presented in the following table. The number of lunar eclipses in each series is listed followed by the calendar dates of the first and last eclipses in the Saros. Finally, the chronological sequence of lunar eclipse types in the series is tabulated. The number and type of eclipses varies from one Saros series to the next as reflected in the sequence diversity. Note that the tables make no distinction between central and non-central total lunar eclipses. The following abbreviations are used in the eclipse sequences:

                                T = Total Lunar Eclipse
                                P = Partial Lunar Eclipse
                                N = Partial Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
                                N* = Total Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
Table 3 - Summary of Lunar Eclipses in Saros Series -20 to 183
Saros Series Number of
Lunar Eclipses
First Eclipse Last Eclipse Eclipse Sequences
-2073-3250 Apr 01-1952 May 187N 1N* 20P 13T 23P 9N
-1973-3221 Mar 11-1923 Apr 287N 9P 27T 22P 8N
-1875-3228 Jan 29-1894 Apr 089N 10P 27T 8P 2N* 19N
-1773-3109 Mar 03-1811 Apr 207N 8P 26T 8P 24N
-1675-3116 Jan 20-1782 Mar 319N 7P 29T 9P 21N
-1587-3322 Aug 12-1771 Feb 2722N 8P 29T 6P 1N* 21N
-1488-3239 Aug 24-1670 Mar 2322N 1N* 6P 27T 7P 25N
-1387-3192 Aug 14-1641 Mar 0321N 7P 29T 8P 22N
-1284-3199 Jul 03-1703 Dec 1823N 8P 29T 6P 18N
-1188-3134 Jul 05-1565 Feb 0124N 1N* 6P 26T 8P 23N
-1083-3069 Jul 06-1591 Dec 1021N 8P 29T 7P 18N
-973-3058 Jun 05-1760 Jul 2321N 10P 28T 7P 7N
-874-2993 Jun 07-1677 Aug 0523N 1N* 7P 24T 10P 9N
-774-2946 May 28-1630 Jul 279N 2N* 19P 27T 9P 8N
-673-2917 May 08-1619 Jun 258N 23P 18T 17P 7N
-573-2852 May 09-1554 Jun 269N 1N* 21P 11T 23P 8N
-472-2787 May 10-1507 Jun 176N 1N* 22P 14T 22P 7N
-373-2776 Apr 09-1478 May 287N 24P 13T 21P 1N* 7N
-273-2711 Apr 11-1413 May 298N 22P 11T 23P 9N
-172-2646 Apr 12-1366 May 206N 21P 15T 23P 7N
074-2653 Mar 01-1337 Apr 308N 12P 25T 18P 2N* 9N
173-2570 Mar 14-1272 Apr 308N 19P 14T 9P 1N* 22N
273-2523 Mar 03-1225 Apr 227N 8P 28T 18P 12N
376-2567 Dec 30-1214 Mar 2111N 8P 29T 7P 1N* 20N
478-2646 Oct 06-1131 Apr 0213N 8P 25T 7P 1N* 24N
577-2455 Dec 22-1084 Mar 2411N 7P 29T 8P 22N
686-2624 Aug 04-1091 Feb 1022N 8P 29T 6P 1N* 20N
789-2595 Jul 16-1008 Feb 2225N 7P 26T 7P 24N
886-2494 Aug 08-0961 Feb 1321N 7P 29T 7P 22N
975-2501 Jun 26-1167 Sep 0522N 9P 28T 7P 9N
1074-2454 Jun 17-1138 Aug 1524N 1N* 7P 25T 8P 9N
1174-2371 Jun 29-1055 Aug 2720N 1N* 8P 28T 8P 9N
1273-2360 May 28-1062 Jul 179N 22P 27T 8P 7N
1373-2313 May 20-1015 Jul 0611N 7P 3N* 11P 13T 20P 8N
1473-2230 Jun 01-0932 Jul 198N 1N* 20P 14T 22P 8N
1573-2219 Apr 30-0921 Jun 197N 23P 15T 21P 7N
1673-2172 Apr 21-0874 Jun 088N 24P 11T 21P 1N* 8N
1772-2089 May 04-0809 Jun 116N 1N* 21P 13T 24P 7N
1873-2078 Apr 02-0780 May 217N 21P 16T 21P 8N
1973-2031 Mar 24-0733 May 118N 23P 11T 12P 8N* 11N
2072-1948 Apr 05-0668 May 126N 1N* 9P 25T 22P 9N
2174-1955 Feb 22-0639 Apr 238N 8P 28T 11P 2N* 17N
2274-1926 Feb 02-0610 Apr 0210N 9P 25T 7P 1N* 22N
2373-1825 Feb 25-0527 Apr 147N 1N* 6P 28T 9P 22N
2485-2031 Sep 16-0516 Mar 1420N 7P 29T 8P 21N
2587-2038 Aug 06-0487 Feb 2124N 8P 26T 7P 22N
2685-1919 Sep 09-0404 Mar 0620N 1N* 6P 28T 8P 22N
2785-1926 Jul 28-0411 Jan 2322N 7P 29T 7P 20N
2874-1897 Jul 09-0581 Sep 0624N 7P 27T 7P 9N
2983-1814 Jul 21-0336 Dec 2421N 1N* 7P 27T 8P 19N
3074-1803 Jun 19-0487 Aug 1820N 10P 29T 7P 8N
3173-1774 May 30-0476 Jul 1722N 10P 24T 10P 7N
3273-1673 Jun 23-0375 Aug 0912N 7N* 10P 14T 22P 8N
3373-1662 May 22-0364 Jul 108N 22P 17T 19P 7N
3472-1615 May 13-0335 Jun 198N 23P 13T 20P 1N* 7N
3572-1532 May 25-0252 Jul 017N 1N* 20P 12T 24P 8N
3673-1521 Apr 24-0223 Jun 117N 22P 15T 22P 7N
3772-1492 Apr 03-0212 May 108N 24P 12T 19P 1N* 8N
3872-1391 Apr 27-0111 Jun 036N 1N* 19P 14T 23P 9N
3973-1380 Mar 26-0082 May 147N 10P 26T 21P 9N
4073-1369 Feb 24-0071 Apr 129N 10P 25T 8P 1N* 20N
4173-1268 Mar 180030 May 067N 1N* 7P 26T 9P 23N
4274-1275 Feb 040041 Apr 059N 7P 29T 9P 20N
4385-1463 Sep 070052 Mar 0422N 8P 27T 7P 21N
4476-1199 Jan 060153 Mar 2711N 1N* 6P 27T 7P 24N
4585-1351 Aug 290164 Feb 2521N 7P 29T 7P 21N
4676-1358 Jul 19-0006 Oct 0824N 8P 27T 6P 1N* 10N
4786-1275 Jul 310258 Feb 0523N 1N* 6P 26T 8P 22N
4875-1228 Jul 210106 Sep 3021N 8P 29T 7P 10N
4973-1217 Jun 210081 Aug 0822N 9P 27T 7P 1N* 7N
5073-1134 Jul 030164 Aug 2021N 1N* 8P 22T 12P 9N
5173-1105 Jun 130193 Jul 319N 2N* 19P 26T 10P 7N
5272-1076 May 230204 Jun 298N 23P 15T 19P 1N* 6N
5372-0993 Jun 050287 Jul 129N 1N* 20P 11T 23P 8N
5472-0946 May 260334 Jul 036N 1N* 21P 15T 22P 7N
5572-0935 Apr 250345 Jun 017N 24P 13T 20P 1N* 7N
5672-0852 May 070428 Jun 137N 1N* 21P 11T 23P 9N
5773-0823 Apr 160475 Jun 057N 19P 17T 22P 8N
5873-0812 Mar 160486 May 048N 12P 24T 12P 6N* 11N
5971-0711 Apr 090551 May 067N 12P 21T 8P 1N* 22N
6073-0700 Mar 080598 Apr 278N 8P 27T 11P 19N
6178-0780 Dec 130609 Mar 2614N 8P 28T 7P 1N* 20N
6274-0624 Feb 080692 Apr 0610N 7P 26T 7P 24N
6382-0722 Nov 030739 Mar 2917N 7P 28T 8P 22N
6484-0783 Aug 200714 Feb 0422N 8P 28T 7P 19N
6586-0736 Aug 110797 Feb 1624N 7P 25T 8P 22N
6684-0671 Aug 120826 Jan 2721N 7P 29T 8P 19N
6773-0660 Jul 110638 Aug 3021N 9P 28T 7P 1N* 7N
6872-0595 Jul 140685 Aug 2023N 8P 23T 10P 8N
6973-0530 Jul 150768 Sep 0118N 1N* 9P 27T 10P 8N
7072-0519 Jun 130761 Jul 219N 21P 25T 10P 1N* 6N
7172-0472 Jun 040808 Jul 1111N 1N* 20P 11T 21P 1N* 7N
7272-0389 Jun 170891 Jul 257N 1N* 20P 14T 22P 8N
7372-0378 May 160902 Jun 237N 23P 14T 21P 7N
7472-0331 May 070949 Jun 139N 22P 11T 21P 1N* 8N
7572-0266 May 081014 Jun 157N 21P 14T 23P 7N
7673-0255 Apr 071043 May 268N 19P 17T 20P 9N
7772-0190 Apr 091090 May 168N 21P 13T 8P 2N* 20N
7872-0125 Apr 101155 May 187N 9P 25T 19P 12N
7973-0132 Feb 271166 Apr 179N 8P 28T 8P 1N* 19N
8074-0103 Feb 071213 Apr 0611N 8P 26T 6P 1N* 22N
8174-0020 Feb 191296 Apr 199N 7P 27T 9P 22N
8284-0208 Sep 211289 Mar 0820N 8P 29T 7P 20N
8384-0197 Aug 221300 Feb 0524N 7P 26T 7P 20N
8484-0096 Sep 131401 Feb 2820N 1N* 6P 28T 8P 21N
8576-0103 Aug 021249 Oct 2322N 8P 28T 7P 11N
8673-0074 Jul 131224 Aug 3024N 8P 25T 8P 8N
87730027 Aug 061325 Sep 2320N 1N* 7P 26T 10P 9N
88720038 Jul 051318 Aug 1212N 18P 26T 9P 7N
89720067 Jun 151347 Jul 2311N 21P 15T 17P 1N* 7N
90720150 Jun 271430 Aug 049N 3N* 17P 13T 22P 8N
91720179 Jun 071459 Jul 157N 22P 15T 21P 7N
92710208 May 171470 Jun 138N 23P 12T 20P 1N* 7N
93710291 May 301553 Jun 257N 1N* 20P 12T 24P 7N
94710320 May 091582 Jun 066N 21P 16T 21P 7N
95710349 Apr 191611 May 267N 23P 12T 12P 6N* 11N
96710432 May 011694 Jun 077N 13P 20T 20P 11N
97720443 Mar 311723 May 207N 9P 27T 12P 17N
98740436 Feb 181752 Apr 2810N 10P 25T 7P 1N* 21N
99720555 Mar 241835 May 127N 1N* 7P 26T 8P 23N
100790439 Dec 061846 Apr 1115N 7P 29T 8P 20N
101830360 Sep 111839 Feb 2822N 8P 27T 6P 1N* 19N
102840461 Oct 051958 Apr 0420N 1N* 6P 26T 8P 23N
103820472 Sep 031933 Feb 1021N 7P 29T 7P 18N
104720483 Aug 041763 Sep 2222N 9P 26T 7P 1N* 7N
105730566 Aug 161864 Oct 1521N 1N* 7P 25T 9P 10N
106730595 Jul 271893 Sep 2519N 10P 27T 9P 8N
107720606 Jun 261886 Aug 1412N 20P 23T 10P 7N
108720689 Jul 081969 Aug 2717N 3N* 10P 12T 22P 8N
109710736 Jun 271998 Aug 087N 1N* 20P 17T 19P 7N
110720747 May 282027 Jul 188N 23P 13T 20P 1N* 7N
111710830 Jun 102092 Jul 198N 1N* 20P 11T 23P 8N
112720859 May 202139 Jul 127N 21P 15T 22P 7N
113710888 Apr 292150 Jun 107N 23P 13T 18P 2N* 8N
114710971 May 132233 Jun 227N 1N* 19P 13T 12P 6N* 13N
115721000 Apr 212280 Jun 137N 9P 26T 19P 11N
116730993 Mar 112291 May 149N 9P 27T 8P 1N* 19N
117711094 Apr 032356 May 158N 9P 24T 7P 23N
118731105 Mar 022403 May 079N 7P 28T 8P 21N
119820935 Oct 142396 Mar 2520N 8P 28T 6P 1N* 19N
120831000 Oct 162479 Apr 0721N 7P 25T 7P 1N* 22N
121821047 Oct 062508 Mar 1819N 1N* 6P 29T 7P 20N
122741022 Aug 142338 Oct 2922N 8P 28T 7P 9N
123721087 Aug 162367 Oct 0823N 1N* 6P 25T 8P 9N
124731152 Aug 172450 Oct 2120N 8P 28T 8P 9N
125721163 Jul 172443 Sep 0917N 13P 26T 9P 7N
126701228 Jul 182472 Aug 1921N 1N* 8P 14T 19P 7N
127721275 Jul 092555 Sep 0210N 1N* 18P 16T 20P 7N
128711304 Jun 182566 Aug 027N 23P 15T 19P 1N* 6N
129711351 Jun 102613 Jul 249N 1N* 21P 11T 21P 8N
130711416 Jun 102678 Jul 267N 1N* 20P 14T 22P 7N
131721427 May 102707 Jul 077N 22P 15T 20P 8N
132711492 May 122754 Jun 268N 21P 12T 11P 7N* 12N
133711557 May 132819 Jun 296N 1N* 13P 21T 20P 10N
134721550 Apr 012830 May 288N 10P 26T 10P 1N* 17N
135711615 Apr 132877 May 189N 10P 23T 7P 1N* 21N
136721680 Apr 132960 Jun 017N 1N* 7P 27T 8P 22N
137781564 Dec 172953 Apr 2015N 8P 28T 7P 20N
138821521 Oct 152982 Mar 3021N 1N* 7P 26T 6P 21N
139791658 Dec 093065 Apr 1316N 7P 27T 8P 21N
140771597 Sep 252968 Jan 0620N 8P 28T 7P 14N
141721608 Aug 252888 Oct 1124N 7P 26T 7P 8N
142731709 Sep 193007 Nov 1720N 1N* 7P 26T 9P 10N
143721720 Aug 183000 Oct 0519N 10P 27T 8P 8N
144711749 Jul 293011 Sep 0421N 1N* 9P 20T 12P 1N* 7N
145711832 Aug 113094 Sep 1615N 3N* 10P 15T 20P 8N
146721843 Jul 113123 Aug 299N 20P 17T 19P 7N
147701890 Jul 023134 Jul 288N 23P 12T 19P 1N* 7N
148701973 Jul 153217 Aug 097N 1N* 20P 12T 23P 7N
149711984 Jun 133246 Jul 207N 21P 15T 21P 7N
150712013 May 253275 Jun 308N 23P 12T 15P 3N* 10N
151712096 Jun 063358 Jul 137N 1N* 18P 14T 21P 10N
152722107 May 073387 Jun 238N 10P 25T 15P 1N* 13N
153712136 Apr 163398 May 229N 10P 24T 8P 1N* 19N
154712237 May 103499 Jun 167N 8P 25T 8P 23N
155732212 Mar 183510 May 179N 8P 28T 8P 20N
156812060 Nov 083503 Apr 0520N 8P 27T 6P 1N* 19N
157732306 Mar 013604 Apr 2711N 6P 26T 8P 22N
158812154 Oct 213597 Mar 1720N 7P 28T 8P 18N
159732147 Sep 093445 Nov 0723N 8P 26T 7P 9N
160722248 Oct 033528 Nov 1921N 7P 25T 8P 11N
161732259 Sep 023557 Oct 3120N 9P 27T 8P 9N
162712288 Aug 123550 Sep 1919N 12P 24T 9P 7N
163702371 Aug 273615 Sep 2019N 2N* 8P 13T 20P 8N
164712400 Aug 053662 Sep 119N 1N* 18P 18T 18P 7N
165712411 Jul 063673 Aug 119N 22P 14T 19P 7N
166702494 Jul 183738 Aug 139N 1N* 19P 11T 22P 8N
167712541 Jul 093803 Aug 167N 20P 15T 21P 8N
168712552 Jun 083814 Jul 158N 22P 13T 18P 2N* 8N
169702635 Jun 223879 Jul 177N 1N* 19P 13T 13P 4N* 13N
170712664 Jun 013926 Jul 097N 11P 24T 19P 10N
171712675 May 013937 Jun 078N 10P 26T 8P 1N* 18N
172702758 May 154002 Jun 088N 9P 23T 8P 22N
173722787 Apr 244067 Jun 118N 7P 27T 9P 21N
174792635 Dec 164042 Apr 1818N 8P 27T 7P 19N
175742791 Feb 114107 Apr 2014N 7P 25T 7P 21N
176792747 Dec 094154 Apr 1117N 1N* 6P 28T 8P 19N
177732704 Oct 054002 Dec 0321N 8P 28T 6P 1N* 9N
178702769 Oct 074013 Nov 0122N 7P 24T 8P 1N* 8N
179732816 Sep 274114 Nov 2620N 8P 27T 8P 10N
180712827 Aug 284089 Oct 0319N 11P 26T 8P 7N
181692892 Aug 294118 Sep 1321N 1N* 8P 15T 17P 7N
182702957 Aug 314201 Sep 2610N 4N* 14P 15T 20P 7N
183702968 Jul 304212 Aug 268N 21P 16T 18P 1N* 6N


The information presented on this web page is based on material originally published in Five Millennium Canon of Lunar Eclipses: -1999 to +3000 and Five Millennium Catalog of Lunar Eclipses: -1999 to +3000.

Permission is freely granted to reproduce this data when accompanied by an acknowledgment:

"Eclipse Predictions by Fred Espenak (NASA's GSFC) and Jean Meeus"

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