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Total Solar Eclipse of 1998 February 26

Table 2 - Shadow Contacts and Circumstances

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                                                       delta T =    63.4 s

                             Dynamical               Ephemeris      True
                               Time      Latitude    Longitude1   Longitude2
                             h  m  s
Contacts of Penumbra:  P1   14:51:26.1   07°13.4'S   130°44.1'W   130°28.2'W
                       P2   16:48:32.3   14°59.2'N   156°35.4'W   156°19.5'W
                       P3   18:10:09.9   47°04.7'N   008°40.5'W   008°24.6'W
                       P4   20:07:20.6   25°00.3'N   032°39.1'W   032°23.2'W
North/South Limits
of Penumbral Path:     N1   16:21:40.4   34°38.9'N   146°10.8'W   145°54.9'W
                       S1   15:53:51.7   33°21.8'S   150°58.6'W   150°42.7'W
                       N2   18:36:50.9   66°04.6'N   025°53.7'W   025°37.8'W
                       S2   19:05:09.5   01°10.3'S   012°51.1'W   012°35.3'W

 Contacts of Umbra:    U1   15:47:48.6   02°27.1'S   144°06.0'W   143°50.1'W
                       U2   15:49:17.2   02°15.5'S   144°26.4'W   144°10.5'W
                       U3   19:09:28.9   29°57.0'N   019°08.5'W   018°52.6'W
                       U4   19:11:00.4   29°45.1'N   019°29.0'W   019°13.1'W
North/South Limits
  of Umbral Path:      N1   15:48:40.8   01°57.1'S   144°14.5'W   143°58.6'W
                       S1   15:48:25.4   02°45.6'S   144°18.1'W   144°02.2'W
                       N2   19:10:06.3   30°15.9'N   019°21.7'W   019°05.8'W
                       S2   19:10:22.5   29°26.2'N   019°15.6'W   018°59.7'W

 Extreme Limits
 of Center Line:       C1   15:48:32.9   02°21.4'S   144°16.2'W   144°00.3'W
                       C2   19:10:14.7   29°51.0'N   019°18.7'W   019°02.8'W

   Instant of 
Greatest Eclipse:      G0   17:29:26.6   04°43.3'N   082°58.8'W   082°42.9'W

Circumstances at
Greatest Eclipse:   Sun's Altitude =  76.1°         Path Width = 151.3 km
                     Sun's Azimuth = 162.9°   Central Duration =  04m07.9s


1Ephemeris Longitude is the terrestrial dynamical longitude assuming a
                     uniformly rotating Earth.
2True Longitude is calculated by correcting the Ephemeris Longitude for
                the non-uniform rotation of Earth.
   (T.L. = E.L. - 1.002738*deltaT/240, where deltaT(in seconds) = TDT - UT)

Note: Longitude is measured positive to the East.

Since deltaT is not known in advance, the value used in the predictions is an
extrapolation based on pre-1996 measurements.  Nevertheless, the actual
value is expected to fall within +-0.3 seconds of the estimated deltaT used here.

Table adapted from NASA RP 1383 "Total Solar Eclipse of 1998 February 26".

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