Path of the Total Solar Eclipse of 2043 Apr 09

Fred Espenak

The following table delineates the path of the Moon's umbral shadow during the Total Solar Eclipse of 2043 Apr 09. The geographic coordinates (WGS 84) of the northern and southern limits and the central line are listed at 120-second intervals. This provides adequate detail for making plots of the path on larger scale maps. Local circumstances on the central line include the ratio of the apparent diameters of the Moon to the Sun, the Sun's altitude and azimuth (degrees), the path width (kilometers) and the duration on the central line (minutes and seconds).

The global visibility of the eclipse is shown on an Orthographic Map . The features of this map are described in the Key to Solar Eclipse Path Tables. The path of the eclipse is displayed in greater detail on an Google Map .

Total Solar Eclipse of 2043 Apr 09

Non-Central Eclipse

M:S Central Universal Northern Limit Southern Limit Central Line Diam. Sun Sun Path Line ------------------ ------------------ ------------------ Ratio Alt Azm Width Durat. Time Latitude Longitude Latitude Longitude Latitude Longitude ° ´ ° ´ ° ´ ° ´ ° ´ ° ´ ° ° km Limits 62 16.0N 166 38.9E 62 16.0N 166 38.9E - - - - - - - 18:56 61 15.8N 152 00.8E - - - - - - - - - Limits 63 54.9N 165 55.0E 63 54.9N 165 55.0E - - - - - - -

ΔT = 86.4 seconds

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Eclipse Predictions

Predictions for the Total Solar Eclipse of 2043 Apr 09 were generated using the VSOP87/ELP2000-85 solar and lunar ephemerides and a value of ΔT = 86.4 seconds.

The eclipse predictions presented here DO NOT include the effects of mountains and valleys along the edge of the Moon. Such corrections for the lunar limb profile may shift the limits of the eclipse path north or south by ~1-3 kilometers, and change the eclipse duration by ~1-3 seconds. More detailed predictions including the effects of the lunar limb profile are normally posted 12-18 months before each eclipse,


All eclipse calculations are by Fred Espenak, and he assumes full responsibility for their accuracy. Permission is freely granted to reproduce this data when accompanied by an acknowledgment:

"Eclipse Predictions by Fred Espenak, NASA's GSFC"

For more information, see: NASA Copyright Information

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