Total Solar Eclipse of 2006 March 29 (NASA/TP-2004-212762)


CD Compact Disk
DCWDigital chart of the World
DMA Defense Mapping Agency (U.S.)
D-SLRDigital-Single Lens Reflex
GPSGlobal Positioning System
IAUInternational Astronomical Union
IOTAInternational Occultation Timing Association
ITCZIntertropical Convergence Zone
JNC Jet Navigation Charts
NMEANational Marine Electronics Association
NOS National Ocean Service
ONC Operational Navigation Charts
SASESelf Addressed Stamped Envelope
SDACSolar Data Analysis Center
SEML Solar Eclipse Mailing List
SLRSingle Lens Reflex
TDTerrestrial Dynamical Time
USGSUnited States Geological Survey
UTUniversal Time
WDBII World Data Bank II

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