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2020 December 14 Total Solar Eclipse
NASA main page for 2020 December 14 Total Solar Eclipse
2020 December 14 Solar Eclipse Flyer
2020 Diciembre 14 Eclipse Solar en Espanol

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Planetary Transits Across the Sun

All eclipse calculations are by Fred Espenak, and he assumes full responsibility for their accuracy. Some of the information presented on this web site is based on data originally published in Fifty Year Canon of Solar Eclipses: 1986 - 2035, Fifty Year Canon of Lunar Eclipses: 1986 - 2035, Five Millennium Canon of Solar Eclipses: -1999 to +3000 , Five Millennium Catalog of Solar Eclipses: -1999 to +3000, Five Millennium Canon of Lunar Eclipses: -1999 to +3000 , and Five Millennium Catalog of Lunar Eclipses: -1999 to +3000.

Permission is freely granted to reproduce this data when accompanied by an acknowledgment:

"Eclipse Predictions by Fred Espenak, NASA/GSFC Emeritus"

For more information, see: NASA Copyright Information.

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